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  • Houserules
  • Clothing
  • Arrival and resignation
  • Rain, bad weather
  • Payment Information
  • Disclaimer of every riders

Houserules,                                                                                KKV, 03/03/2015

  1. With paying, visitors and riders accept Houserules, KKV 3/3/2015.
  2. Children only with responsibility and help can stay at us.
  3. Beginners can only approach horses with instructoral help.
  4. Riders may give apples or carrots to the horses, but only after riding. We do not tolerate plastic bags in the club, please use textile bags.
  5. Riding is only according KKV instructions.
  6. You can use the equipment (horse, bridle, saddle, etc.) at your own risk, as intended by the instructor. Potential damage by own mistakes should be payed by the riders.
  7. Clothing: Long pants. Broad shoes, no high heels. Helmet. You can also use your own bike helmet, if you do not helmet, we loan to you. Deposit fee: 60kn. The deposit fee is the returned when rider returns equipment in saved and goos state.
  8. Alcoholic beverages int he area of KKV is prohibited! Person under the influence of alcohol or drugs cannot stay int he area of KKV, the services are not allowed to use!
  9. Dogs in the area of KKV are not allowed to bring in due to accident prevention! 🙁
  10. In case of accident, fire or disorder, notify staff of KKV immediately!
  11. KKV can send out guests who ignore the Houserules KKV 3/3/2015 or who are dangerous for themselves or their companions or equipments. In this case, the payment is not returnable.
  12. Damage caused by vandalism or inproper use of tools and equipment should be payed by the damage-maker.
  13. KKV is not responsible for losses of objects (e.g. Glasses, watches, mobile phones) or for the damage of any other individual properties in the territory of KKV!
  14. Guests should notify any accident, danger or disorder to the staff of KKV in the shortest possible time. First aid box and fire extinguisher in the club room.

Useful numbers:

Ambulance: 00385-1-194 Police: 00385-1-192 Firefighters: 00385-1-193, 023383-161.Rescuers: 00385-1-112

  1. Protect the nature and keep our environment clean, trash should be placed only in the remote collection!
  2. Each rider is required to have its own health insurance.
  3. Arrival and resignation: We propose that you arrive15 minutes before term and also not too early. Riding is according pre-arranged time. If you would changeyour term, please phone / email us in 2 days advance.

If we do not get claim for resignation and you do not appear up in the arranged time, occasion should be payed according to deal.

  1. In case of rain or bad weather, please call us half-an-hour before riding to discuss the further plan concerning if we keep riding in arranged time or we postpont it.
  2. In case of sickness, call us before the arranged time of riding to discuss the further plan. If we do not get claim for resignation and you do not appear up in the arranged time, occasion should be payed according to deal. We only make few exceptions to this rule.
  3. Payment information

Payment in cash or by transfer in advance  to OTP banka dd, Konjicki klub Vencel, IBAN: HR8924070001100336284. Postpay only with the permission of club president.

Club charges donations and membership fees.

  1. Disclaimer of every riders

Riding begins with statement of liability form, a disclaimer. All riders read and adopt KKV rules. The detailed House rules 3/3/2015 can be downloaded from the website.

The personal data for the statement will not be disclosed to third parties and are not eligible for the KKV or other to use data for marketing purposes.

To accelerate the entry, please download the disclaimer, filled it in, sign and bring it to us.

Disclaimer of every riders.pdf

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