EU Programme


Education and Culture DG, Program for Lifelong Learning

The following 2 organizations were involved in the project, Konjicki klub Vencel (Croatia) as coordinating and applicant and organization Pferdezucht- und Reitverein Luhmuhlen (from Germany) as host partner. One individual participant (teacher/trainer) of Konjicki klub Vencel exchanged experiences with the counterpartner in the other country.

The mobility took place in Germany  4.3.2013 - 31.3.2013.

Project supported participant and participant organizations in training in eventing riding and training in the acquisition and the use of knowledge, skills and qualifications, to gain theory and practice mainly which were not subject of books but which were only possible to acquire through experience. Project also supported to facilitate personal development.

Besides, project supported participation in the European Labour Market. In Croatia, the art of eventing riding is an innovation, not at all a practice.

Our future aims (as follow-up of the project) were to encourage riders in our country to do eventing riding, to learn the art of it and to offer people a well-established system of training with experience at European level, so that our country can participate in European some actions in the field. Our project supports improvements in quality and innovation in vocational education and training systems and practices. Furthermore, project supports transfer, improvement and update of competence, innovative methods and practices in the  field of vocational training and it also supports language learning and mutual learning through exchange of experience.

Participant organization  grew in knowledge, trainings, skills, qualifications, practices. They also facilitated personal development. Applicant organization took step closer to eventing riding and training at international level in quality.

YOUTH EXCHANGE 2011 Intercultural intercourse and discussion of health probems (focused on post-war syndrom) with the use of education through outdoor activities and building relationships to the horses. DATE: 16-29. August, 2011., Place: Konjicki Klub Vencel, Croatia

Youth exchange 2012 Developing personalities and competences through programs around horses and ridingDATE: 17-29. July, 2012.

Programme was phantastic thanks for the participants and organizators 🙂  

Youth exchange 2012 New direction – participation in sports activities and developing of social relationships through horses‘ help. DATE: 13-26 August, 2012. This project met with difficulties in organization with participating organizations and some participants. Thanks for the work of  supportive members.

EUROPEAN VOLUNTARY SERVICE 2011-2012 CREATION OF AN ACTIVE GROUP OF YOUNG PEOPLE THROUGH HORSE-RIDING AND ITS ACTIVITIES 11.07.2011 - 10.05.2012 Thanks to Philippa Meran volunteer! You are always welcome at us!

CREATION OF ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES OF LOCAL YOUNGSTERS ACCOMPANIED BY ACTIVITIES AROUND HORSES, YOUNG PEOPLE AND RANCH LIFE 07.02.2012 - 06.09.2012. We had one great volunteer who supported the program, the organization and gave us much, thank you Maike Niiduviir. This film is for us and our nice experience together:)